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Persian Cat Matted Fur: What Can You Do To Help Your Furry Friends?

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When it comes to caring for your pet there are a number of different steps you need to follow.

But do you even know what all of them are?

What about when it comes to grooming and especially grooming a Persian cat?

Well, if you’re not sure how to carry out proper grooming then you may not know what to do about Persian cat matted fur either.

Luckily, that’s something we can help you with.

What Causes Matted Fur?

Persian cat shedding

The unfortunate truth is that matting in your Persian cats fur can happen because of several different things. For one, it can happen where they experience a lot of movement, like the legs or collar. Another cause is lying down too frequently in the same position.

What may seem strange is that losing fur can actually cause your Persian cat to experience matting. The reason is that loose hair doesn’t always fall entirely off of them. If it gets stuck in the coat it starts to turn into a knot and that knot (if it doesn’t get worked out) turns into a mat.

How Do You Get Mats Out of a Persian Cat?

Actually, the first thing that you should be trying to do is prevent mats in the first place. The best way to do that is actually through regular grooming, which isn’t as difficult as you might think. Of course, this isn’t going to keep them from every developing mats, but it will help a great deal.

Now, once you are able to cut down on the number of mats you still need to know how to get them out of the fur and that is going to involve one of a few different processes. We’ll give you a few different options that you can try.

Comb It Out

A vet is combing a Persian cat on a table

If the mat is just starting to form or if it’s a little bit looser you may be able to comb it out. Make sure that you’re using a slicker brush and that you’re being as gentle as possible. These mats are going to be stubborn and they will take a bit to pull out.

Remember also that your cat may not be happy about this process. You may have to be a little careful about how you go about this grooming process. Don’t try too hard, however as combing a bad mat could make it worse.

Bring Out the Coconut Oil

Organic, extra virgin coconut oil has health benefits for you and it has potential health benefits for your cat as well. Putting a little bit of this oil directly on the matted fur and letting it sit for up to an hour can help you to untangle the hair.

After that hour you may find that the mat is even easy to work out with your fingers or you may need a little bit of combing to help. Plus, it’s non-toxic so it’s safe for your cat to consume.

Get a Specialty Comb

A regular comb or even a slicker brush may not be quite the right fit for what you need, In that case, you’ll want to get a specialty mat removal comb. These are slightly different in shape and they’re designed to get under the mat and work through the fur.

Be careful with these as you are going to be pulling slightly at the mat (though these should be more efficient and comfortable for your pet). They don’t pull at the skin either, which is an important aspect.

Shave it Off

You don’t want to shave your pet if you can help it, but if the mat will not come out any other way it might be the only option. In that case, try to shave only the smallest area that you have to. Remember, use the right cat clippers to shave your Persian cat. You may even want to speak with a professional groomer who can take care of this process for you rather than doing it yourself.

How Do I Keep My Persian Cat From Matting?

Woman combing fur of a white Persian cat

We already mentioned one way to prevent mats, which is by regular grooming, but let’s delve a little deeper into just what this means. In general, preventing mats starts with talking to your vet. They can generally do a little bit of clipping in the fur that will help reduce the risk of matting.

Next, if you do notice a mat starting to form make sure you take care of it quickly. The faster you catch it the better it’s going to be because you’ll be more likely to get it out before it causes harm to your cat. Brush out their fur continuously and make sure that you always check for rough patches.

If your cat doesn’t like to groom themselves it’s even more important to groom them regularly. You’ll want to at the very least look them over even daily to see if there is any clumping happening. You may be able to catch it before it even turns into a mat.

Check ears and the areas around their rear and legs especially as these are areas where mats are likely to occur. Trimming the fur in these areas can help to reduce the risk of developing mats and makes it easier for you to groom your pet as well.

If you’re concerned about Persian cat matted fur then hopefully this is going to give you a good start on just what you need to do and how to prevent problems before they become major. 

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