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Sphynx Cat Bath: What you need to know when bathing Sphynx cats

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Cats are available in so many breeds with Sphynx being one of them. Unlike other common cat breeds, Sphynx don’t have fur. This makes bathing being an integral part of their grooming. Why should you wash the Sphynx cat? Well, these feline friends have oily skins which expose them to bacteria accumulation as well as acne. It is therefore a good thing to introduce these cats to the bathing experience as early as possible in their lifetime. This will make your job easier even in the days to come.

Make sure you maintain a routine for bathing the Sphynx cat, let’s say once in a week. So what do you need to know about bathing Sphynx cats? This article has all the details you’ve been looking for when it comes to grooming Sphynx cats.

How to Prepare Sphynx Bath

Sphynx Cat Shampoo

We all agree that the Sphynx cat needs to be bathed. This exercise is a little different from bathing in humans and you therefore need to know how to do it right. So what are some of the things you need to prepare your cat’s bath? All these are addressed in this section.

Firstly, you need to choose a shampoo to use. There are shampoos in the market which have been designed specifically for use on cats. They are the best one to pick. However, if you want to buy any other shampoo, please make sure that it doesn’t have any scent.

Secondly, warm some water and fill a bowl with this water to a height that’s the same as the cat’s belly. Make sure that the water is just warm and not too hot as such might result into injuries and discomfort.

Before you begin bathing the dog, make sure that the room is in a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t want startle the cat while bathing him. You are definitely aware of how dangerous a cat might be when startled. So please make sure the little friend feels as comfortable as he can.

You also need to put something like a towel at the bottom of the bowl as this will prevent the cat from slipping or sliding. These can frighten the cat, something that you are definitely against. After you have made the preparations above, now it is time to clean the sphynx cat.

Bathing Sphynx Cat

Bathing a cat is no easy task. You need to handle your cat with a lot of gentleness if you would want to achieve your mission. Be extra careful when dipping him into the bowl. Lower his feet gently and slowly into the water beginning with the back and then the front feet.

After the feet are in the water, lower the rear followed with the front end of his body. You are likely to experience some resistance from your friend which is very normal with cats. Just struggle through without stopping as the task ahead is more important to him than anybody else.

Just hold the cat with one hand and without dipping him deeper into the waters let him feel your presence around him for a comfortable bath. Don’t make a mistake of letting him leave the waters unbathed because you’ll be to blame. Stand your ground and let him know intentions of completing the mission.

With the cat in water and properly held by one hand, use a wet washcloth to make his entire body wet. Alternatively, you can pour water onto your Sphynx cat’s body using a cup. Try to not to wet the head; stop by the neck backwards.

Wash the cat’s body gently paying close attention to the folds and wrinkles and stretching them. Remember to use a soft and comfortable cloth on your cat as such will be closer to the normal grooming by cats themselves. Also remember to clean the tail properly. The tail is mostly exposed to dander due to the huge number of fur in there. Make sure it is cleaned properly.

Also wash the cat’s feet. These are probably the dirtiest sections on a cat being that they at times might walk in areas that are a little contaminated. The areas around the claws are very sensitive and can get infected if there is build-up of dirt.

Wipe clean the areas around the eyes as well. You can use specialized products to clean the eyes as some cats are often have sensitive eyes. Don’t wait to clean the cat’s eyes only when you are bathing him as this can be done even on a daily notice.

Just make sure no detergent enters into your cat’s eyes as this might cause irritations. When bathing the Sphynx cat make sure the warmth of the water is maintained. Don’t let the water become too cold. Don’t forget to rinse your cat with clean warm water. Use a cup to poor the water onto his body. Do this until all the detergent is gone.

How to Care for Your Sphynx Cat After the Bath

A aphynx cat in a bathtub

After bathing the cat, you can’t just let him run with water dripping off his body everywhere in the house. This calls for drying using a towel. Using a warm towel is the best practice.

Before you let the cat go, ensure that he is completely dry. After wiping the cat dry, wash the towel in readiness for the next use. Don’t use a towel that wasn’t washed from the previous bath on your cat. Using uncleaned towel may lead to bacterial transfer to the cat and this will water down the cleaning you’d done on the cat.


It is good practice to keep the Sphynx cat as clean as possible. Being that they aren’t as hairy as most cats, it is recommended that they get bathed as often as possible. This article has outlined all the steps plus the precautions necessary when bathing Sphynx cats.

Remember to always reward your cat after the bathing session. This way he won’t act abnormally the next bathing session as he will have already known that there is a reward awaiting him. Note, that this is not a bribe for the little friend but just an appreciation.

As you have already seen, washing your cat isn’t a difficult task whatsoever. All you need to do is just make the environment as comfortable as possible and you will be good to go. Do you still have any questions or concerns about this topic? Well, feel free to reach out to us as all your concerns will be addressed. Remember to share this piece with all your cat-lover friends.

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