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Best Sphynx Cat Shampoo: A Comprehensive Review in 2020

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The Sphynx cat is one of the most popular cat breeds. Part of what endears them to cat lovers is their adorable bare skin. Since they don’t have any fur, there will be no pet hairs all over your furniture and home. You will have an easy time maintaining your cat.

To keep their hygiene in check and their skin healthy, they will require a bath from time to time. You need some quality Sphynx cat shampoo for the best results. You shouldn’t use any other shampoo if they are not made for a hairless cat.

What is the best shampoo for Sphynx cats?

Espree Kitten Shampoo
Best Sphynx Cat Shampoo Overall: Espree Kitten Shampoo
Burt's Bees for Cats Waterless Shampoo
Best Waterless Shampoo for Sphynx Cat: Burt's Bees for Cats Waterless Shampoo
TropiClean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Sphynx Cat: TropiClean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Best Sphynx Cat Shampoo Overall

When it comes to Sphynx cats, safety should be of utmost importance. Since they are hairless cat breeds, the best shampoo for them should be mild. It shouldn’t cause skin inflammation or itching. Sphynx cats have sensitive skin since their skin is always bare. Besides being mild, the shampoo you choose should contain quality and natural ingredients. You don’t want to use a shampoo with some ingredients that your cat may be allergic to.

Waterless Shampoo for Sphynx Cat

It is a fact that cats don’t love getting wet. The Sphynx cat, being a furless cat, hates water even more. You will have a hard time convincing them to sit in the bathtub and let you bathe them. An easy option would be using a waterless shampoo. Bath time will be made easy and less messy.

Shampoo and Conditioner for Sphynx

The Sphynx cat skin tends to dry easily since it is always exposed. After a bath, it needs to be moisturized. You can buy an all-in-one cat product that will not only clean your cat but will also condition the skin to leave it soft and moisturized.

Best Sphynx Cat Shampoo Overall

Espree Kitten Shampoo
Via Amazon.com

Espree Kitten Shampoo

This cat shampoo from Espree is the best for your Sphynx cat. Since a Sphynx cat does not have fur, they need a gentle cat shampoo. Espree cat shampoo is not only gentle but is also 100% natural. Its main ingredient is Aloe Vera, which is 100% organically grown. It is safe for use on cats with sensitive skin such as the Sphynx. That’s not all; you can use this shampoo on Sphynx cats of all ages, from kittens to pregnant cats.

Another thing that cat owners love about this shampoo is its tearless formula. You can bathe your cat with a peace of mind without worrying about the shampoo irritating your cat’s eyes. It cleans efficiently and leaves no residue since it does not lather a lot.  This makes it easy to rinse.

Your feline will not only enjoy having a bath with this gentle shampoo but will also love its baby powder smell. This will leave your cat smelling fresh. Espree cat shampoo will also leave your Sphynx cat with a soft and moisturized skin. Many cat owners have admitted that the Espree shampoo for kittens is the best shampoo so far for Sphynx cats.

Best Waterless Shampoo for Sphynx Cat

Burt's Bees for Cats Waterless Shampoo
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Burt's Bees for Cats Waterless Shampoo

If your cat isn’t used to getting bathed, they are likely to resist any attempt to wash them. This is where the Burt’s Bees come to the rescue. Since it is a waterless shampoo, you don’t have to get your Sphynx cat wet to clean her.

All you need to do to get your cat clean is to just spray the shampoo on your cat’s body. Next, you massage the shampoo for five minutes using your hands to spread it evenly on all parts of the skin. You can then use a towel to dry off the excess shampoo. That’s all it takes to get your Sphynx cat clean.

Burt’s Bees waterless shampoo will leave your cat’s skin nourished thanks to its all-natural ingredients. It is free from any sulfates, artificial dyes, or any other cruel ingredients. This makes it perfect for your Sphynx cat’s sensitive skin. It is PH balanced, making it suitable for cats of all ages.

The Burt’s Bees waterless cat shampoo is safe for use alongside flea treatments since it does not wash them off. Keeping your cat clean has never been this easy.

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Sphynx Cat

TropiClean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner
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TropiClean 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are looking for a cat shampoo that will also act as a conditioner, the TropiClean Pet Shampoo and Conditioner is the best option. After every bath, your Sphynx cat will have soft and healthy skin. Its natural ingredients that include papaya and coconut are good for sensitive skin. It also contains oatmeal that will nourish your cat’s skin.

The sweet coconut and papaya scent will leave a long-lasting fresh scent on your cat. It is PH balanced so that it is gentle on the skin. Since it is soap-free, it will not irritate your cat in case it gets into contact with the eyes. What you will love about this shampoo is that you can also use it on your dog.

Bathing your cat using this shampoo is easy and quick. You don’t need to use any water since it is a waterless shampoo. You just wet your cat’s coat with it and massage it using your hands. You can then use a towel to absorb the excess shampoo to dry your cat. It does not leave any residue on your cat’s skin.

Do Hairless Cats Need Baths?

The Sphynx cat originated from the interbreeding of hairless kittens that started way back in the 60s in Ontario, Canada. Its coat and skin require specific care. You shouldn’t think that since they don’t have any fur, they don’t need any grooming. Their bare skin is more susceptible to infections and build-up of oil as compared to cats with fur.

Normal cats don’t have a problem with even oil distribution on their skin. Their fur helps in wicking away and distributing natural skin oil along the hair shafts. Brushing their coats also helps to distribute skin oil on the skin and also prevents the build-up of excess skin oil.

Hairless cats lack this function. If you don’t bathe them, excess oil will build on their skin. It may lead to skin rashes and irritation. Besides that, the excess oil will also leave spots on your carpet and furniture. In fact, according to vets, common skin problems in hairless cats are caused by a lack of grooming.

You can prevent any problems or health issues with your hairless cat by bathing them. Regular bathing ensures that skin oil does not build up and block the skin pores. Blocked skin pores make it hard for the skin to slough off dead cells.

How Often Should You Bathe a Sphynx Cat?

Hairless Sphynx cat getting washed by owner taking a bath in the kitchen sink

The frequency of bathing your Sphynx cat will depend on the condition of her skin. You don’t want to give your cat inadequate care or over-bath her. Professional groomers recommend that you bathe your hairless cat at least once in every 3 to 4 weeks. The skin of Sphynx cats tends to be oilier than in most cats. Since a Sphynx cat does not self-groom more often as compared to regular cats, if they are not bathed, things may get out of hand.

The main reason why they don’t like to lick their skin is that their rough tongues hurt their bald skin. When bathing your hairless cat, ensure that you use the right shampoo. If you use shampoos that are not gentle on their skin, you will be doing your cat more harm than good. You should also be gentle so that you don’t hurt your cat’s soft skin.

For a thorough bath, pay attention to the hard to reach areas like under the legs and areas behind the ears. You should also use a warm cloth to clean inside the ears to remove the wax build-up. After a bath, use a dry towel and gently rub it on your cat’s skin to dry her. Their bare skin makes them get chilled easily, so you should consider ways to keep your cat warm after a bath. For example, you can wear a sweater on your Sphynx cat.

How to Properly Bathe your Sphynx

Here is how you can ensure bath time is easy for you and your cat:

Set Up a Relaxing Environment

Your cat will only accept to be bathed if they feel relaxed. You can keep your cat calm by turning off any loud audios or TVs.

Fill your Bathtub with Water

You should fill the tub with water up to a couple of inches high. It’s advisable to fill the tub before bringing your cat into the bathroom to avoid making your cat anxious from the sound of running water.

Immerse your Cat into the Tab

You should put your cat in the tab paws first. This is to get her acclimated to the water. Once your cat is settled inside the water, gently wet her entire body except for the head. Work the cat shampoo into lather and soap it all over your cat’s body. Use your hands and gently massage the body. Once you are satisfied that your cat is clean, pour warm water on her to rinse her until all the soap is gone.

Washing the Head

Use the same method you have used for the body to clean your cat’s head. Take care to avoid getting soap into your cat’s eyes. Dip a soft washcloth in warm water and use it to wipe the areas behind the ears, inside the ears, and around the eyes and nose. Rinse your cat’s head and then take her out of the tub. Use a soft towel to dry her.


Having picked for you the best shampoos, you can now choose the Sphynx cat shampoo that you feel will work best on your cat. We would recommend the Espree for Kittens. You can use it to bathe cats of all ages. It is very gentle on the skin and is made of natural ingredients.

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