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Ragdoll Cat Brush: A Comprehensive Reviews in 2020

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Cat lovers will agree with me that Ragdoll cats are one of the most beautiful cat breeds. This is thanks to their beautiful and long silky coats, not forgetting their bright blue eyes. Unfortunately, maintaining their beauty comes at a cost. Their long coats are usually prone to tangles. As a result, you need to invest in the best brush for Ragdoll cat.

If you don’t groom yourself, your cat will take the initiative and do it by herself. This is because Ragdoll cats are known to be prolific self-groomers. However, this can lead to health problems since your cat may end up swallowing some of the hairballs. By brushing your Ragdoll cat regularly, you will get rid of any loose hair hence eliminating the risk of your cat swallowing any hair when she self-grooms.

What Type of Coat Does the Ragdoll Cat Have?

Ragdoll cat blue point little kitten

This magnificent cat breed sports a silky coat that is similar to rabbit fur in both its texture and feel. Its luxurious coat is one of its finest features that make it one of the most sought after cat breeds. When you compare a Ragdoll cat’s coat to other cats, there are some slight differences in terms of the feel and look. However, the differences are subtle and may be hard to notice.

Ragdoll cats have big and fluffy fur around the neck area. As they grow older, this feature becomes more and more pronounced. This look makes Raggies appear proud and elegant. Since their coats are long haired, they are quite prone to matting and tangling.

When it comes to shedding, since Ragdoll cats are long haired, they are not spared. However, they don’t shed too much as compared to other cats. This is because of the fact that they have thick coats.

What Kind of Brush Should You Use on Your Ragdoll Cat?

There are different types of brushes that you can use on your Ragdoll Cat. These brushes are categorized based on the specific needs of your cat. Some of the brushes that may work well with your Ragdoll cat include:

Best Overall Brush for Ragdoll

The best brush for a ragdoll cat should be a bristle brush. Slicker or pin brushes are not recommended at all as they are not perfect for your cat and will not maintain that smooth and awesome coat as it should be. They may also inflict injuries to your cat and even cause more injuries to her heavy dense coat. This may end up further damaging the coat of your ragdoll cat.

De-shedding Brush for Ragdolls

Dealing with cat furs stuck on carpets and furniture can be frustrating to cat owners that don’t groom their pets regularly. If your Ragdoll is a prolific shedder, then de-shedding brush is one of the essential tools for ragdolls to invest in.

De-matting Brush for Ragdolls

Although Ragdolls don’t have a true undercoat like other cat breeds, it doesn’t mean that they won’t mat. To keep your Ragdoll’s coat free from mats, you should ensure that you have a de-matting tool in your house. De-matting tools are carefully designed for removing loose hair, trapped hair, dander and mats from the cat’s undercoat.

Ragdoll Pet Comb

For Ragdolls with very thick coats, it would be best to remove any tangles and debris under their skin before you brush their coat. It would be best for you to invest in a steel comb for a perfect grooming job.

Best Brush for Ragdoll Cat Overall

Hertzko Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats
Via Amazon.com

Hertzko Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats

If you want a brush that will make your Ragdoll feel comfortable while you are brushing her coat, then the Hertzko Bristle Brush is the best pick. This is because of its softer bristles that make it be gentle on the skin. It will gently remove any dander, debris and loose hair from your cat’s coat. Whether your Ragdoll’s coat is long or short, this brush will work wonders.

The soft bristles are densely packed and will gently massage your cat’s soft skin to increase the blood circulation. The end result will be a Ragdoll cat with a shiny topcoat and a healthy skin underneath. Using this brush feels comfortable on your hands thanks to its Anti-Slip handle with Comfort-grip. These features will prevent your hands and wrists from straining.

You can brush your cat for as long as you want without feeling fatigue. This is also good if you have more than one Ragdoll cat that need their coat brushed.

Best Deshedding Brush for Ragdoll

Petgle Dog and Cat Brush for De-Shedding
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Petgle Dog and Cat Brush for De-Shedding

Cat shedding is as a result of loose and dead hair that gets trapped in the undercoat. With this powerful de-shedding tool, you can reduce the shedding by up to 95%. This will give you a peace of mind knowing that there will be no more pet hair stuck on furniture and carpets and even your clothes.

The Petgle De-shedding tool comes in two sizes; the 2.5-inch and the 4-inch sizes. No matter the size of your Ragdoll, you are assured of getting a de-shedding tool that will suit your cat’s size. The 2.5-inch size is for small to medium cats. If you have a Ragdoll kitten, then this is the right size to use. For an adult Ragdoll, the 4-inch size would be the best.

In terms of bristle sizes, the Petgle brush comes in two sizes; 1.2 –inches and 2.8-inches. The short bristles are designed for short-haired cats while the longer bristles are for long-haired cats. Its handles are ergonomically designed so that you can be comfortable when using this tool, even for longer periods.

Best De-matting Tool for Ragdoll

Hertzko Pet Dematting Tool Comb for Dogs and Cats
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Hertzko Pet Dematting Tool Comb for Dogs and Cats

This double-sided tool is the perfect solution for those stubborn mats. You can also use it to remove knots and tangles to leave your Ragdoll looking her best. What we loved about this de-matting tool is that it works perfectly for cats with all hair sizes. You don’t have to worry about injuries even if your Ragdoll is short-haired.

Your cat’s comfort has also been factored in with the design of this comb. It features fine rounded teeth. You can groom your cat’s undercoat without having to worry about scratching and hurting your cat’s skin. The Hertzko comb is not only a grooming tool but also a massage tool. It will boost blood circulation in your cat’s skin, leaving you with a soft and shiny cat.

The Anti-slip and Comfort-grip handle prevent your hand and wrist from straining. You can comfortably brush your Ragdoll cat for as long as you can until you achieve the desired results.

Best Comb for Ragdoll

Safari Pet Products Cat Shedding Comb
Via Amazon.com

Safari Pet Products Cat Shedding Comb

If you are looking for the best pet comb to use on your Ragdoll cat, then this Safari comb is the best. It is recommended by professional groomers in reducing shedding in cats. It features long and smooth rounded teeth that will comfortably penetrate your Ragdoll’s thick coat to remove any loose hair. You can use it on both long and short-haired cats.

This comb is also useful in preventing hairballs. The blunt teeth massage the skin to increase blood flow. This encourages the growth of a healthy coat. However, you should take care while combing your cat’s coat so that you don’t remove too much hair at once.

How Often Should You Brush a Ragdoll Cat?

Female hand brushing a fluffy Ragdoll cat with Grooming Brush

When it comes to Ragdoll cats, you should establish grooming ritual right from when they are still kittens. They better get used to it since they are going to need a grooming session regularly. Ragdolls that have gotten used to having their coats brushed actually enjoy the routine when it is done gently.

So how often should you brush your Ragdoll’s coat? Well, since their long and thick coats can easily get tangled, you should do it at least twice to thrice a week. You should use a brush that is meant for Ragdolls. Brushing will help to remove any dead hair from the coat, which are responsible for the tangles.

While brushing your cat, pay close attention to the neck and the area under the leg. These are the areas with the longest and thickest furs hence are more likely to develop mats and tangles. While brushing your Ragdoll, if you notice that her coat is starting to appear stringy or feel greasy, then you should bathe your cat.

Brushing your cat’s coat does not only help to minimize shedding and remove tangles, it also helps in spreading the natural oil on your cat’s skin evenly throughout the entire coat. This helps to keep the coat healthy.


Ragdoll cats are long haired hence they require extensive combing or brushing as part of their grooming regime. Having the best brush for Ragdoll cat will save you from a lot of the not-so beautiful problems that result from shedding. Lack of proper brushing means that you will be dealing with pet hair being pretty much everywhere.

You can pick the best brush for you from the list above. However, we would recommend the Hertzko Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats. It is the best overall brush for Ragdoll, thanks to its soft and densely packed bristles.

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