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Best Brush for Himalayan Cat in 2020: Everything You Need to Know

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The Himalayan cat is a crossbreed of the Siamese and Persian cat. As such, it has the superior qualities of the cat breeds it descended from. Besides having a sweet and affectionate personality, the Himalayan cat has a long and straight coat that needs high maintenance.  

If you’re a Himalayan cat owner, knowing how to groom him is ideal. One way of grooming him is by brushing his coat with the best brush for Himalayan cat. You will be maintaining his majestic coat if you regularly brush his long, straight coat.  

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the tools you need to brush the coat of your cat. So, read on for more information!  

The Coat of the Himalayan Cat Breed 

Cute Himalayan cat is sitting next door

The Himalaya cat has long, lush hair as its coat. The coat is beautiful to touch since it is soft. But its long coat can develop mats and tangles very fast because they shed their coat a lot. As such, regularly brushing the coat is, therefore, necessary. 

Brushing your Himalayan cat’s coat every day is the best grooming practice. A brush will remove all the dead and shed hair before they form tangles. The brush will also remove the shed hair before falling to the floor.  

You will then not have to vacuum the shed hair off the carpet on the floor. Bathing your cat each week is another grooming activity that you will need to carry out. The reason why you should regularly bathe your Himalayan cat is that dirt, dust, and debris might end up in its coat, especially if it’s digging into the litter box.  

Bathing him once a week will also make sure the coat has no odor. Brushing the cat’s coat every day creates room for new hair growth to replace the shed and dead hair. You, therefore, have enough reasons to groom your Himalayan cat regularly.  

What Kind of Brush Do You Use on a Himalayan Cat? 

Glendan Slicker Pet Grooming Brush
Best Brush for Himalayan Cat Overall: Glendan Slicker Pet Grooming Brush
MIU COLOR Pet Dematting Comb
Best Dematting tool for Himalayan Cat: MIU COLOR Pet Dematting Comb
Pet Neat Deshedding Brush
Best Deshedding Brush for Himalayan Cat: Pet Neat Deshedding Brush

Best brush for Himalayan cat overall A slicker brush is ideal for brushing the coat of your Himalayan cat. It safely brushes most parts of the cat’s fur, making it a must-have tool for removing all the shed and dead hair. A pin brush is another option, but it might damage your cat’s skin if you use it frequently. A bristle brush, on the other hand, doesn’t properly remove the shed hair from the cat’s coat. This leaves you with no choice but to opt for a slicker brush.  

Dematting tool for Himalayan cat — You need a de-matting comb to remove all the mats and tangles in your Himalayan cat’s coat. Mats and tangles will form on your cat’s coat from time to time. Brushing the coat alone might not prevent mat formation. So, you need a de-matting tool to remove all the mats. 

Deshedding brush for Himalayan cat — Himalayan cats shed their coat a lot. A de-shedding brush works to collect all the shed hair before they fall to the floor and leave a nasty mess. You need to brush the coat of your cat with a de-shedding brush, especially during the shedding season, when Himalayan cats shed a lot.  

Pet comb for Himalayan cat — You need a pet comb for your Himalayan cat before bathing him. Combing his coat before a bath makes sure there are no knots in the cat’s coat. After a bath, you will not have tight knots to remove.  

Best Brush for Himalayan Cat Overall 

Glendan Slicker Pet Grooming Brush
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Glendan Slicker Pet Grooming Brush

This is a rotatable slicker brush that removes all mats, trapped dirt, and dander from Himalayan cats’ coats. It is designed for long-haired pets such as Himalayan cats. Besides safely brushing most parts of your cat’s coat, it massages the cat as well when brushing his coat. 

The massage function makes brushing your cat’s coat a pleasurable experience for the cat. Also, it boosts blood circulation and prevents skin problems since it removes mats and dander, which might cause skin problems.  

The brush also redistributes the natural oils on your cat’s coat, leaving it soft and shiny. The design of this brush is simplistic, making it easy to use. The brush has an ergonomic handle which makes sure you have a comfortable grip of the brush.  

The massage particles on this brush don’t scratch the skin of your Himalayan cat. This makes it a very safe brush for removing all the mats and dirt that might be trapped on the coat. It is also easy to clean right after use.  

It’s a high-quality product that comes backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee! Also, you get a friendly lifetime customer service if you opt for this slicker brush.  

Best Dematting Tool for Himalayan Cat 

MIU COLOR Pet Dematting Comb
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MIU COLOR Pet Dematting Comb

This is a de-matting comb designed for long-haired pets, including Himalayan cats. It is dual-sided, which means you can use the two sides that have teeth to remove mats. One side has 17 teeth, while the other side has nine teeth. For very stubborn mats, start with the 9-tooth side! 

It is ergonomic if you look at its handle. The handle comfortably fits in your grip. Also, this dematting comb is slip-resistant. This means it doesn’t slip through your grip so you can effectively remove all the mats on your cat’s undercoat. 

This brush offers additional functions besides removing all the mats on your Himalayan cat’s coat. You can also use it as a de-shedding brush to rake all the dead and loose hair on your cat’s coat before they can form mats. 

It also removes tangles. As such, it is a versatile brush that can prevent serious skin problems in your cat. The teeth have round tips that massage the cat’s skin during the grooming process.  

In the end, your cat will experience improved blood circulation, which improves its health in the long run. It is backed by excellent customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is an ideal tool for removing mats and tangles from your cat’s coat.  

Best Deshedding Brush for Himalayan Cat 

Pet Neat Deshedding Brush
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Pet Neat Deshedding Brush

If you need to collect most of the shed hair before falling to the carpet and floor, consider opting for this de-shedding brush. It is a very durable de-shedding tool since its blade is made from high-quality stainless steel. It, therefore, guarantees you a long service life! 

The 100mm teeth are protected by a cover that also makes sure you’re safe while using this tool. The handle is strong, slip-resistant and ergonomic. Holding this tool feels comfortable, and it doesn’t slip out of your hand.  

This makes sure you can effectively get rid of all the loose hair that is trapped on the cat’s coat. Brushing your Himalayan cat’s coat redistributes the natural oils on its skin. The result is a soft, shiny and healthy coat after brushing him. 

If you opt for this de-shedding tool, you get free EBook highlighting tips for grooming your pet! That’s not all. This tool is also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It removes 95% of all the shed hair. This makes sure your cat will have fewer mat formation, and you will have fewer allergy cases if you’re allergic.  

Best Comb for Himalayan Cat 

Safari Pet Products Cat Shedding Comb
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Safari Pet Products Cat Shedding Comb

This comb has long teeth with round tips. It penetrates deep through your Himalayan cat’s coat to collect all the shed hair. This makes sure you keep your home clean and free from loose cat hair.  

It also removes knots and mats. Before bathing your cat, be sure to use this comb to remove knots as well. The teeth are stainless-steel made. This makes the comb very durable and effective at removing all the shed hair and knots.  

One feature that you might find beneficial is the natural contours on the handle. As a result, this comb is comfortable in your grip since it is ergonomic. The round tips of the teeth make sure the comb doesn’t hurt your Himalayan cat.  

As such, this is a safe-to-use comb. Using this comb is also easy. Simply comb in the direction of the cat’s hair growth. This means you will have to comb from the head to the tail, and down the legs. For the best result, regularly comb your cat’s coat.  

Combing your cat’s coat also massages the cat’s skin. This improves the blood circulation within your cat’s skin, which improves the cat’s health in the long run. It is lightweight and takes less storage space with its dimension of 1 x 2.5 x 11.2 inches. It weighs only 1.6 ounces.  


If you own a pet like a Himalayan cat, grooming him becomes essential. One benefit of grooming your pet is that it keeps a clean coat all the time. Another benefit is that regular grooming averts potential skin problems.  

When looking to groom your Himalayan cat, you will need special tools. Remember that a Himalayan cat is a high maintenance cat breed. It sheds a lot and requires daily brushing to remove all the mats and tangles.  

We have looked at some incredible tools for grooming the coat. Some of the grooming tools on the list perform more than just one function. That improves their efficiency at grooming the coat of your cat. The tools are high-quality and will serve you for a long time.  

They also have ergonomic handles so you can groom your cat without suffering hand fatigues. Investing in the right tools for grooming your cat is a noble idea. Your cat deserves the best care from you, and there’s no better way of grooming him other than using the brush for the Himalayan cat!  

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