Cats are some of the cleanest friends to humans you can ever come across. They really care about their happiness as well as physical appearance. However, there are a few areas that cats can’t handle on their own and that is where you need to come in for your pet.

Some of the cat’s sensitive areas that should always be well maintained are the eyes, teeth, fur, feet, ears and skin. While some cats might feel uncomfortable with the grooming process, a good number do get along so well. You, therefore, need to train your cat gradually on the grooming procedure so that he gets used to it.

Cat grooming is so important that if you can’t manage to perform it on your own then professional ca groomer will be of great help. As you are about to note though, cat grooming is a very simple and straightforward stuff. Take a look.

Skin and Fur Care

As mentioned above, your feline friend’s skin as an important area that needs lots of maintenance. You probably wouldn’t want to see your cat shedding lots of hair and such like. To avoid such scenario, you need to keep the cat’s skin and fur clean through the following:

Bathing the Cat

Often, the cat uses his teeth and tongue to keep her skin clean. However, there are some hard-to-reach for the cat that still need to be cleaned. To clean dirt or eliminate foul smells in such areas you need to bath your cat in warm water with a vet recommended detergent.

Don’t just use any detergent you come across on your cat as you might cause lots of irritation and subsequent discomfort to the feline friend.

Brushing the Cat

Removal of dead hair, dirt, skin flakes and other foreign matter from your cat’s skin helps improve blood and air circulation across the skin which by extension improves the skin’s condition. Brushing the cat at least twice a week will keep the skin glowing and healthy.

Skin Problems

Two Sphynx cat

Have you ever noticed some unusual licking or scratching of the skin from your little friend? Well, this is normally associated with some skin conditions. The excessive scratching is often brought about as a result of allergies or external parasites. Additionally, if the cat is stressed you might know from such scratching.

Too much chewing or scratching of the skin will affect the skin’s condition and should be addressed soonest time possible.

Hair Shedding

Lose of hair through shedding is a healthy and natural way for a cat to get rid of dead hair. In fact, cats shed all through the year with the shedding intensity varying depending on the climatic conditions. You need to regularly remove such hair and dander from the house to keep it clean.

The shedding shouldn’t be too much to the extents of the cat having bald patches. Too much shedding can be an indication of an underlying health condition; which calls for a vet’s guidance.

Ear Care

Just as is the case with humans, cats’ ears can self-clean. However, the wax plus other debris left in the ear after the cleaning should be removed. Cats lack the capabilities to remove the foreign matter from the ears on their own and as such you need to help them.

Help keep the sensitivity the cat’s sonar detectors alive by cleaning his ears at least once per week. That way, he’ll be alert to anything that happens around. Don’t you marvel at how fast your cat reacts to anything new happening in the house?

Paw and Nail Care

cat hair mat remover

If you don’t trim your cat’s nails, you will be prepared to repair your sofas so often. Remember he can also land on you with the very nails during playtime ending up injuring you. You can trim the nails monthly using the approved nail trimmers before cleaning the paws of any dirt.

Also check for any injuries that might have occurred on the feet. Remember cat language is quite hard to understand so in most cases physical examinations will help in detecting problems before it’s late.

Dental Care

This sounds funny, right? Well, your cat deserves clean, healthy and strong teeth. Any injuries on the gum, tongue, teeth and palate can cause the little friend to stop eating which will eventually case health problems. To avoid such misfortunes, invest in a good toothbrush for the cat.

Regular visits to the vet will also help a great deal.

Eye Care

We clean our eyes daily because of the dirt that settles there. Cats also have such dirt in their eyes. In most cases, they clean and remove these on their own. However, this shouldn’t deter you from cleaning your cat’s eyes with a clean soft cloth.

Be sure not to introduce any foreign matter into the cat’s eyes. Furthermore, you need to also check for unusual reddish color or even inflammation as these could be indicators of health problems.

Cat grooming is a necessity. This is something that every cat lover cannot run away from. It might appear hectic from the start but with trainings and enticement you will be good to go. Don’t be too hard on the cat as he might turn wild during grooming leading to injuries on either him or you.

Again, consistency in the grooming is what will lead to the desired results. If you pick a routine, make sure you stick to that. Glowing and healthy skin, for example, cannot be realized after a single grooming.

Have you seen how simple it is to keep your cat healthy and well-groomed? Is there anything that you feel has been left out and could have added lots of value? Are you ready to begin using some of these tips outlined in this piece? Feel free to get in touch with us and even share the information to all the cat lovers.